Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Outside my window...

a soggy, drippy, messy day. Raindrops rolling down the window panes. Bare, wet tree branches stand starkly against the gray-white sky. I think this calls for a cozy fire and some hot tea.

 I am thinking... 

how I said I would write more about Peter's EEG. When he was in my arms and I sat there watching his arm and leg rhythmically shaking I did not panic. I did not get upset. I tried to record the episode and remained calm. I called the doctor. I went to the appointment. He had the EEG. I then met with the neurologist and heard the same things I heard with Ben. 'Normal EEG'. 'He is developing normally'. I could feel the emotion building up as I walked out to the car. As soon as Peter was buckled in and I started the car, I began sobbing. I really don't want to go through all this again, I thought.  With seizures, you are reminded that you are not really in control of anything. They can come at any time. You really can't be prepared, you don't know how long it will last, nor how serious this one will be. So I cling to God, and ask that I be spared this cross again. I think of Mary and how she knows my heart. Peter had another small episode yesterday. I wait and I watch and I pray.

 I am thankful for.... family.

...knitting needles that keep my hands and mind busy and my anxieties at bay. husband who loves me.

 ...the 2 year old who makes me laugh. ("That's so fair!!" she says as she stomps away angrily.)

 From the lesson plans...

  We are trudging along. That is all I have to say about that.

 From the kitchen... 

Simple comfort food. Lots of hot tea.

I am wearing... 

blue jeans, long sleeve t-shirt and my 'Ben' necklace.

 I am creating... 

a sweater for me and a baby blanket for a friend.

 I am planning... 

to paint baseboards and reinstall them in the den. Tony and two of his band friends put in a laminate floor last weekend. It is lovely! I have been waiting for a long time for this floor. Every month, something would need fixing and would push back this project. One month, a teenage driver managed to accrue a $700 repair bill to our van by simply hitting the curb. The next month, another $700 for new brakes, rotors and calipers. If your car ever sounds like an Air Force jet flying over you, don't delay! Take that car to the mechanic.

 I am reading... 

  "Lost in St. Peter's Tomb" to the kids. Sophie bought it for the kids for Christmas. They really enjoyed it and are looking forward to getting the next book in the series.

"Call the Midwife" is on my nightstand.

I am hoping... 

that no one else falls victim to the cold I brought home. Tony, Sophie and Olivia all had it too. So far the little ones have been spared, excepting Anna, who instead of a stuffy nose, decided to get an ear infection last night.

 I am hearing... 

 ...the fan in the computer trying mightily to cool off the machine. This is usually a signal that the computer is about to shut down for a while.

 ...Jack's humming while building Lego's.

 ...the tea kettle whistling.

 Around the house...

  Half of my furniture for the den is still in the garage until I get those baseboards back up, which won't likely happen until this weekend. Tony did move things around in the garage so I can get the van in again. I am spoiled and I don't really like having to brave the yucky weather to get in the van. Not to mention that it sure does take a lot longer for the heater to make the van comfortable when it has been sitting outside.

 I am going...

 ...nowhere if I can help it! Did I mention it is a yucky day?

I am praying for...

 ...all those on my list of intentions.

...a special, private intention for now.

 Pictures of the Day... 

Jack turned 6 on the 6th! I made a vegan chocolate cake that was quite moist and delicious and dairy-free!

My firecracker of a two year old.

Carpet is ripped out. No going back now!

Our new floor!!!


  1. Oh, your kids are so cute!!
    Little Peter is not so little anymore, he's looking yummy chubby!!

    You and he will be in my prayers--praying this is nothing and he is developing normally, like the doctor said.

  2. Your new floor is beautiful! Will be praying for you and your wee ones.

  3. Keeping Peter in my prayers. Be confident. Don't look down. Don't look back. Just keep walking on the water toward Christ.

  4. The floor looks awesome! Praying for Peter, and for peace for you.