Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow and Sun

We awoke to a nice bit of snow and the sun shining ever so brightly! The blue sky is such a welcome sight. That constant gray of the past week did nothing to boost my spirits. The kids hurried outside to enjoy the snow before it melted away. They have been in and out all morning, braving the cold and playing in the snow until their fingers get too cold. They come running in, yelling for hot cocoa, unlayering all those layers in a trail across the floor. They warm themselves up and then decide to get all those layers back on and head back outside. I even got bundled up for the initial foray into the snow. I felt just like a kid again, trying to pack the snow into a ball. We tried for a snowman, but the snow was not cooperative. Oh the fun though, trying!

Notice some people have less layers on than they should. I can only highly suggest a heavy coat, but getting them to comply in another thing.

We scraped the ground and packed and piled the snow since it would not make a good snowball.

Precariously balanced but a snowman nonetheless!

They tried for a carrot nose, which would not stay in place. Not to be deterred, they fashioned one out of snow. The princess crown adds just the right touch, no?

I said snowsuit!! Get that baby inside!

You can see the carrot is about to fall.

Hot cocoa, the allergy way. I do this when I give them cereal too, so I don't get things mixed up.


  1. Sigh... I wish we had a backyard so we could go play. Hopefully we'll be renting a small house soon!

    Love the photos! So fun!

    1. Oh Maggie! Hang in there. I wish I could show you the photo from when Sophie is little. We lived in an apartment on the ground floor and the pavement came right up to the door. I was so desperate for sunshine that I took a blanket out there and would play outside the door.

  2. Who is goat vs. coconut? And why the difference? Why not all coconut if they are allergic. Just curious - we have "regular" milk people and Lactaid people at my house.

    1. Jack can drink goat milk, but not Therese. Jack doesn't like coconut milk. Plus I drink the coconut milk right now until we know about Peter.