Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The knitting of my sweater, my sweater, the one I had been looking at on Ravelry for a long time, was finally taking shape. I was frustrated that things like schoolwork and babies kept taking up all my time. I even had gone to the local yarn shop to search for yarn. Oh, how that Madelinetosh called out to me, but being so frugal, I just could not pay for three whole skeins of that lovely yarn. I mean, what if the sweater didn't even turn out? I would feel so wasteful. I picked a lovely, less expensive yarn and immediately came home and cast on. Then, two days ago, it happened. I noticed I had made a mistake. I sat there and my brain froze. What to do? What do I do? It was several rows back. I remember the yarn shop owner telling me that you can drop a stitch down to the mistake and fix it that way. I tried. I failed. I made it worse. I was in panic mode by this point and had to put the knitting down. I walked away and tried to regain some composure. It haunted me though, all day, and finally I realized that the best thing to do would be to unknit, stitch by stitch, back all those rows. There are too many stitches on the needles for me to even think that I could get them all back on after ripping back. I am just not that good.

Now I can begin to knit again, after all that unknitting. I am excited to see how this sweater turns out.

I also have another project on the needles that is pretty mindless knitting at this point but will become tricky later on. I have it in the car. It is good for me to knit while my husband is driving. That  way, I do not see what he is doing and there are not nearly so many "discussions" about driving. This project is for a friend's baby. At this point, you can't even tell it is a blanket, so I don't think I will ruin any surprises about the final appearance by showing you my progress so far.

On the reading front, I just finished "Call the Midwife". I really enjoyed it except for one part. Too. Much. Information. I skipped ahead through that part. I guess I am what you would call a sensitive soul. I do not like reading about things that I don't want to end up thinking about later. I am now reading a book by Mother Angelica. I feel pretty sure that I won't have to skip through any parts this time!

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  1. Good job! I probably would have had to quit and hope the ladies at the yarn shop could have helped me out.

    I'm the same with movies or reading, which is why I have to stick to hallmark type movies and Catholic or classic novels.