Monday, January 21, 2013

5 months

For a while now, when we are eating, Peter looks longingly at our food and even opens his mouth in hopes that we might give him some. Last week, I was making burritos and of course you cannot have burritos without guacamole. Everyone knows that, right? Well, I put a little avacado in the food grinder, added a little water, and gave it a try. Oh, how he loved it! He grabbed my hand, trying to get the spoon in his mouth even faster. A couple days later, we tried some banana. Again he gobbled it up quickly and was mad when it was all gone. Today, we tried rice cereal. This kid loves to eat!

See how he has a firm grip on my wrist? He was afraid I would stop feeding him.
He also is very good at rolling over to get toys or to just move around. Another equally fun way for him to move is to arch his back and push off with his feet. He has quite an impressive bald spot on the back of his head proving just how much he likes to do this.

He babbles and gurgles and smiles and laughs out loud. He does not like the carseat at all though. Most drives are pure torture on the ears for he screams the entire way. I guess I can overlook this one character flaw of his.

 Hopefully, at some point, I will transfer all this to his baby book.

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  1. George has been the same way! He threw a fit at a Panera Bread until I started giving him bits of my bread. He's had mashed potatoes, refried beans, applesauce...and I finally bought him some baby food peas and prunes (to counter the beans). He wants to eat more than he is capable of eating.