Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yarn Along

Did I ever mention that one of the reasons I enjoy knitting is because there is order in those stitches? Nice, even little row and after row of little v's. I have tried some lacy knitting but I always come back to stockinette. Life right now is nothing like those little rows and I thrive on seeing things neat and tidy. I know these newborn days are only a short time and that soon enough I should be able to regain some schedule. Until then, I will be knitting to calm my soul when I can find a moment. Sometimes those dishes can wait a little longer. Right?

The sweater is for a friend's baby. The other project is a hat. I had made myself a hat a couple of years ago that I really liked wearing. Only I left it somewhere last winter. I decided to make a new one with some free knit-picks yarn. I wish it was finished already, since tonight's temperatures will be chilly and I have 3 little munchkins who are really looking forward to trick-or-treating.

Reading? Not much at all, except to the kids at bedtime. And to be completely honest here, Tony has been doing most of the bedtime reading lately. He is also the one to take the kids to the library to pick out their books. I went in this week to return a vegan cook book since someone else put a hold on it and I couldn't renew it for about the fifth time. It was then that I realized it was only the second time in as many months that I made it to the library.

My kids favorite this week.
Joining Ginny, as always.

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  1. Beautiful little cardigan. So cute! I know exactly how you feel..I wish my life were little even rows and stitches too..right now it feels like the yarnball I have that's in a complete knotted up mess.