Monday, October 8, 2012

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I have so many posts floating through my head. My fingers, however, are not free to type them out. So I will condense them all into this one, unless Peter wakes up.

All last week, I had growing suspicions that Peter might be dealing with reflux. He will be 2 months old next week, so I figured I could kill two birds with one appointment. They did not have a well appointment available til Halloween, so my pediatrician got me a walk-in appointment for last Friday to address his possible reflux. What I found out was that he has not gained any weight for the last 3 weeks. He has maintained, but not gained. He wants me to nurse more often (how can you nurse more frequently if you already nurse all.the.time?) I am trying my best.

Let's back up one day, shall we? On Thursday, we went on a 2-hour sunset cruise for our anniversary. Which happens to be in March. Who says you have to celebrate right away? It was the perfect day to go. On our way there, this small white bird (I really think it was a dove) flew up to my window and then proceeded to fly right beside us as we drove. He stayed with us for about 30 seconds. I still don't know what to make of that little bird.

The evening was perfect. The sunset. The gentle breeze. A baby who obviously has a future in some seafaring career. He loved it out on the water. Tony became a backup singer for the man serenading us, entertaining all those around us.

Saturday saw us at a local corn maze and pumpkin farm. I took the camera but I forgot to take it out of the car. Imagine if you will a lot of corn fields. You get the picture. Did you know that you can nurse a baby and walk in a corn maze? It is actually quite private. Especially if you keep walking in apparent circles and never find any clues. The kids had fun anyway, dragging the flags they give you in case you need rescuing. They also got to go on a hayride, jump around on bales of hay, shoot corncobs out of a cannon, and roast marshmallows over a campfire. In case you ever decide to roast marshmallows and play in the hay on the same day, I will advise you jump in the hay first. Therese looked like she had been tarred and feathered when we left. Probably a good thing I left the camera in the car.

Saturday's mail brought us something special. A wonderful gift from a wonderful friend, who I someday hope to meet face to face over a nice cup of coffee. Barbara made the most beautiful quilt for Peter. I feel quite privileged to receive such a gift for Peter.

I love the colors! The kids especially love the squares with the little animals.

"Thank you Barbara, I love my blanket."

"Gee, mom, enough pictures already"
Now I really do have to go do something productive, like teaching these kids some school. Have a blessed day.


  1. Oh, I hope he starts gaining....that sounds like Simeon, barely gaining for 7 months!!! This supplementing with formula really has chunked him up!

    OH, little Peter is such a honey, Barbara's blankets are wonderful...they are my favorite!

    The cruise sounded wonderful, happy you were able to two look wonderful! (I mean you 3)

  2. What a little sugar! I really loved the colors too. It was a pleasure to sew! And he looks darling on it. I think once he is doing tummy time he will love looking at those little woodland friends.

    About that weight gain -- is he completely emptying a breast? Make sure he gets that rich hind milk. He will be more sarisfied and he'll get more calories. You might even alternate breasts so he is completely emptying one breast at each feeding. You could put him on the second side after he empties it if he is still hungry.

    You are probably already doing all this! :-)

  3. Oh my. The mind of a busy mom with a newborn and siblings. NO time to do it all. Good job making the most of your post! The dove-- a Ben symbol, I think. We get cardinals. Just some encouragement from your dear one who loves you. That's the way I see it, anyway.

  4. Love the quilt! (hugs) on the weight gain situation. It's tough. Do you have a sling scale? They aren't very expensive (of course they aren't but so accurate either), but it has saved me many a surprise at the doctor's office. Just be sure to weigh using grams, not ounces, for the best accuracy. And don't weigh more often than every 3-4 days.

    1. Where do you get a sling scale? I was thinking of just doing a walk-in at the doctor's office today to see where we are.

  5. You look great! What a fun time. That Barbara is a gem. =)