Monday, October 22, 2012

the day in pictures (and some words)

This morning at 10, I went in for Peter's weight check. He gained over 6 ounces this weekend! I am so thankful that the formula did the trick and he didn't need to get tested for other issues. We will keep doing what we are doing until he gets back on the charts.

I am also thankful that Tony had the day off today. I did not have to drag bring the kids with me. When I got home, we ate a quick lunch and headed out for some fun. Did I mention it's also Tony's birthday? Do your kids ask relentlessly "when can we buy some pumpkins"? Tony quieted them by telling them we would buy them on his birthday. They did not forget. Yet they forget to brush their teeth every morning. Hmmm.

Three pumpkins purchased. Three kids jammed in the "fun" cart. Three free apples! The grocery store gave each kid a card they bring in and they get a free apple or banana every time. How cool is that?

Gives new meaning to "cozy coupe".
Next stop was the living museum. It is hand's down one of our favorite spots to go. Today we got to see them feed the horseshoe crabs and the loggerhead sea turtle. The weather was perfect and the kids had fun outside as well.

starting to see some fall foliage

blue raspberry slush anyone?

pretty view

I want a watering can like this one

Jack can find water to play with just about anywhere.

I love how no one pays attention when I say "look over here".

So soothing

walking through the tunnel

They let me drive slow on the driveway.

Sorry mom, for crashing the stroller.

His serious look.

Look ma! I spit up again! I'm going for the record number of clothing changes in one day.

His face lights up when he sees his siblings.

Classic Jack silliness.


  1. OH, my gosh, your kids are so cute!!! That baby, I just want to eat him up!!

  2. Jenny,
    I love the pictures. It seems as if the kids have grown in the short time since we moved. I miss you all so much. I am very grateful Peter is growing. His sweet little smile is priceless. Therese seems to have "aged" so much in such a short amount of time. I love the looks she gives. She is such a character. Seeing the pumpkins makes me think of trick or treating every year together as the kids argue over who gets to ring the door bells. I will be lost this year without you all - wandering aimlessly from house to house, in search of candy. :-) We love you guys and miss you terribly. Give my love to Tony. I am happy he had his birthday off, and enjoyed himself. I'm sure his mood is also lifted by the fact that the Detroit Tigers are headed to the World series. Go Tigers!

    1. Jen- we were just saying today that Halloween isn't going to be the same this year without you guys. We are missing you so much.

  3. Yay for weight gain!! He may not be on the charts, but he sure is a cutey!!

  4. Jenny,
    You are a wonderful mother, and all of your children love you! Weight is not the only measure of growth. It is a number. And school and learning does not have to come from bookwork. It doesn't have to happen in the morning either. Your baby is not unhealthy. His color is good. He appears happy and content. You hold him, change him, feed him. One day at a time! Praying for your whole family.

  5. YAY!! So happy to hear about baby..I bet that eases your worries a lot. What an awesome grocery store! That's genius. I always buy something there, usually rolls, and let my kids eat while I's the only way I won't go insane w/ them there with me.

  6. So easy to make them happy. All it takes is a couple of pumpkins. Wish we were all so easily satisfied.