Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yarn Along

I have not gotten much knitting time since Peter joined our family. My arms are always full and I am glad. However, I saw this pattern for a super cute Halloween costume for Therese and I knew she would love it. She calls it her "sheepy". I had started on it before Peter was born and I finally finished the vest last week. It was slow going and clumsy with those huge needles and holding chunky yarn double. To give my hands a break before I make the hat, I tried making a pair of booties for a new baby of a friend. Why do I try to make booties? I am always disappointed in the results. This time, I followed the pattern for the 3 month size and ended up with a bootie that would fit a 12 month old instead. I just don't think I am supposed to knit cute little booties. Hats, no problem. Sweaters, got it. Cute Halloween costumes, check it out.

The only reading I have been doing is other blogs. I did discover a new one to me that is written by a priest  that is always thought provoking. Check it out here. I have also tried to read Jane Eyre on my Ipod. The story is so good. Having to "turn" the page every paragraph. Not so much. It is quite distracting actually. That's about it, so go see what others are up to over at Ginny's.


  1. I love the sheepy. I am amazed what you can still manage to accomplish with your full arms! You are amazing.

  2. Oh, my gosh, that is sooo cute!! (of course your sweetie Pie makes it even cuter!)

  3. How cute is that!!! Is this knitted? all I can say is Wow!!


    1. yes, it is knitted. I hope the hat comes out as cute and that she will actually a hat!

  4. i love the sheepy! what a great costume idea. :)

  5. FUN! I am just now starting up knitting again. After over a YEAR long break. But I'm so glad I'm back.=) Oh, I love Jane Eyre. Just watched one of the movies again. That story never gets old.

  6. Cute sheepy. I can imagine large needles and yarn would make that pattern a bit tricky.
    Enjoy making the hat.