Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yarn Along

I am joining Ginny's yarn along this morning even though no projects are finished. The bolero has been steam blocked and seamed. I really like steam blocking. It was my first attempt and the pieces came out beautifully. I started to pick up stitches for the edge, but realized it would be smart to place more markers than I did along the way. I need to pick up 200 stitches and making that come out even has proven challenging, to put it mildly.

To take my mind off all those stitches, I started a little kitty as a baby gift for a friend. I am almost out of yarn though. If I don't have enough, I think it will be a hand puppet for Therese, since that is what she thinks it is already!

I love this little book I am reading to the kids, and so do they. Jack looks ahead to see if it will be a short or long chapter, hoping for the latter, and begging for two chapters if it is the former.


  1. Thank you for posting about steam blocking, I haven't attempted it yet and since I will be picking up the edge on my cardigan this should help.
    Your knitting looks lovely.

  2. This post reminded me of my childhood. My mother was a famous knitter and I remember her talking about blocking and picking up stitches. I don't know how I managed to grow up with that and never learn it. I guess because it was so effortless for her. The other reminder? Of course, The Five Little Peppers book. I read that somewhere along the way and loved it too.