Sunday, May 27, 2012

Looking like Mr. McGregor's garden

With my coffee mug in one hand and the hose in the other, I started watering all my little garden beds this morning. The cucumbers are starting to develop vines and are filling in the beds quite nicely. The okra are about 6-8 inches tall. The squash plants (whatever variety they happen to be) have huge wide leaves, though I have seen no blossoms yet. I even have a few volunteer tomatillos plants from last year that do have little yellow blossoms adorning them. I bought some tomato and pepper plants from a local vegetable stand and those are not looking too healthy. I may have to buy some more.

As I walked over to the herb garden, I startled a fat little toad. I called to the kids through the open windows and all three little ones came running out the door. Holding up my hand to slow them down, they approached cautiously. They were able to get within a foot or so before he tried to make his escape. He chose poorly, however, and ended up cornering himself so that the kids were able to touch his back. Therese wanted nothing to do with him, though, choosing to cling to me instead. Feeling that the poor toad had had enough, I sent the kids back inside while I finished watering.

My herb bed is off the back of the house and my rosemary and lemon balm plants are huge. As the water sprinkled over them, I saw a rustling and then a sudden burst as the tiniest little rabbit hopped onto the bricks surrounding the beds! He could fit in my hand, he was so tiny. I called to the kids again, since the little rabbit was not moving from his perch, clearing panicked by the situation in which he found himself. He tried to escape the same way as the frog and found himself in the same corner. The kids each took a turn petting the little creature. Even Therese couldn't resist the cute little ball of fur.

But wait! There were two little rabbits hiding out in the rosemary! Imagine our surprise as they both emerged from the other side of the bush!

They were smitten with the tiny bunnies.

Me, too.

Look how tiny he is compared to my babies.

To think, I had gone out there very sad this morning, missing my Ben.

How can anyone remain sad when presented with God's handiwork up close?

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  1. Awwwwwwwww, how can something so cute do so much damage to a garden?

    We used to have bunnies, til a fox moved into our woods....hardly any squirrels anymore either!!