Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On this first day of May

On Friday, in yet another of my crazy attempts to achieve perfection before guests arrive, I drove to Lowe's to find some chain to fix a broken swing on the swingset. But really, I had another mission. I wanted to buy flowers to fill the front flower beds so that when everyone came to the door, they would be greeted by a lovely, colorful display. One look at the price of already grown and blooming flowers dashed my hopes and trampled them down. I moved onto the little tiny plants sold in packages of six, that have barely begun to grow. I let Anna pick out some pretty plants that can tolerate the full sun of our front yard. I also snuck a package of basil plants into the cart on the way to the checkout counter. Today, we planted them. I took out the overgrown lettuce plants from last fall that had bolted and put the tiny, tender basil plants in their place.

Then we moved out front and pulled all the weeds from the bed. I sat back and studied the area, pondering how best to arrange our little blooms. I moved St. Francis from the front stoop, and placed him in the middle of the bed and started surrounding him with flowers. I had hoped for a Marian garden, but my lovely statue of Our Lady was lost in the last move. Maybe the month of May will be when we find a new statue of Mary.

See that smudge in the corner of the picture? I have a feeling that little hands found my camera when I was not looking. Upon downloading this picture, I found several other pictures that I did not take,  strengthening my suspicions.

In the vegetable garden, some of the seeds I planted are started to spring forth. However, we tried using some of our compost to nourish the soil. I do not believe that it had entirely composted because I am finding lots and lots of little squash seedlings in every bed. What would you do with all these perfect little invaders?

Happy springtime friends!


  1. I just planted all me seedlings and seeds today! My arms are killing me from turning over the soil, but the garden is in. I was laughing about your squash surprises - I have a bed that I used last year to plant new potatoes, and I pulled all the plants up last fall (or so I thought). Apparently, there were LOTS of little potatoes left under the soil, because I have a whole bed full of potato plants again - none of which I actually planted this year! Surprise!


  2. Flowers, big or little, always an encouragement.