Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny again for a yarn along post.

This little guy was a stocking stuffer for Jack this year. Sophie and Anna received neck warmers and Olivia finally had 2 fingerless gloves! The minion was a huge success. He may need his arms reattached soon, as he is twirled by the arms a lot. Notice the one on the right is already looking iffy. His shoes have gotten a little fuzzy too. I guess that just shows all the love he gets. The new technique I learned was duplicate stitching. The band for his goggles is done with this technique. I had to do it backwards from the tutorial since I am a lefty and you are using a darning needle. Other than that, he was extremely quick to knit.

In other knitting news, I seem to be on a destructive streak. I broke a second needle while making another gift for a friend. I haven't sent it yet, so no picture this week. Anyway, I picked up the project one evening to discover that the kids must have dropped something heavy on it, because my needle was broken right where it joins the metal part that screws into the cable. (It was a harmony interchangable needle.) Some wood glue and 24 hours of drying time seem to have done the trick, thank goodness.

As for reading, I am not getting much reading time in lately. I am so tired in the evenings that I have been falling asleep at the same time as the kids. I am reading "The Long Winter" to Anna and Jack. It is making me very grateful for a climate controlled house! Brrrrr!

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