Wednesday, January 11, 2012

He's five!

Planning a birthday party right after Christmas can prove to be challenging. We only had a few days to come up with an idea after returning from Tennessee. Jack and I browsed the internet looking at "birthday party themes for boys". There were so many clever ideas, but we were short on time and most of them started out by stating that you should allow yourself 4 weeks to pull these parties together! Yikes! Then we saw one where the fire department actually came to their house. Jack was hooked. I called our local fire department and they do not do that, but they said we were welcome to come take a tour of the fire station. We called his friends and planned for Saturday afternoon. They did warn us that it would be cut short if they happened to get a call.
 We started out seeing where they ate, slept, and gathered before heading out to see the engines. Just as the firefighters started telling the kids about the engine, the alert sounded and they were called to help someone who was unconscious. The firefighters said that the call would be a short one and we could wait. So, we watched them jump in the truck, put on the sirens and pull out of the station! Pretty impressive.

While waiting for their return, the kids did what they always do when playing at our house. They all jumped in the back of Tony's truck. I personally do not see what is so much fun about this, but I guess you have to be a kid to understand.

As promised, 15 minutes later they pulled back into the station. The kids were all over the fire engine and the firefighters answered all their questions.

They all took turns sitting behind the wheel.

Oh, was he ever happy!

 Jack and his friend Cort

 Even at a firefighter party, the girls outnumbered the boys!

 Then the ambulance returned to the station.
We got to learn all about the ambulance too.

Finally, we returned home to have some homemade angel food birthday cake and ice cream for those who can have dairy, 'cause what's a party without cake AND ice cream? I'd say Jack's fifth birthday came together splendidly.


  1. It was a wonderful party. I am so happy we were able to attend. Thank you so much for including us in Jack's special day. I don't think Cort and Elizabeth will ever stop talking about their trip to the fire station.

  2. What an awesome birthday! I'm pretty sure that seeing fire fighters in action is about the best it can get for a 5 yr old. How fun!

  3. Wow! Fabulous idea! I'm going to tuck that one away in my mind for our little man!