Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That kind of day

After a good day in the classroom, I moved into the kitchen to start dinner. The tortilla dough came together quickly and I left the little blobs of dough to their resting and began the chopping of the vegetables. It was during the chopping that I once again heard the familiar "whack" as one of our kitchen chairs tipped over and hit the floor. I jump every time. Those chairs are top-heavy and they go over at the slightest touch. Only when I turned to put it upright, there was Therese, lying on the floor, on top of the chair. Oh, how she cried! When I picked her up, blood was coming fast from her mouth. At first I could not determine where all the blood was coming from. I gently pulled her bottom lip down and there were two big wounds where her teeth must have bit into her lip. Then I checked the top lip. It was worse. That little flap that connects the lip and gums was split open and gushing. Dinner was put on hold as I tended to Therese. The bleeding finally slowed down after 20 minutes or so, but she was still inconsolable. So, on day one of trying to wean her of the pacifier, I caved. She settled down, but did not want to be put down. Finally, Tony was home, and she snuggled into his arms, and I got back to making our dinner. We sat down together to say the blessing at precisely 8:03 pm.

When stories were read, prayers said, and children were finally tucked in bed, I was exhausted. But poor Therese kept waking. Tony and I took turns comforting her. At 1:30 am, she finally settled down for the night. Wearily, I eased my body into the bed that had been calling me for quite some time and pulled the blankets around me and fell asleep. Two hours later, I heard the shuffle of feet and sensed someone standing over me. It was Anna, and she was burning up with fever. I gave her medicine and laid down with her, praying that she truly has outgrown the seizures. This morning, praise God, she is doing fine. I figure the fever will return soon, though, once the effects of the medicine have worn off. My goals for the day have been lowered significantly. It seems like a cuddle up on the couch, story reading kind of day and not so much a hunker down at the classroom table to tackle school kind of day. And that is where I am heading now, to the couch.


  1. Rest up, my friend. You ride the roller coaster of small child drama, which won't end anytime soon, and you need to grab your downtime where you can. Glad your baby is doing well today. (((hugs)))