Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Tonight I made another great dish that took very little tweaking to make it dairy free for the kids. I found the recipe on foodgawker. I hope you have taken my advice and have checked out this website. You will not be disappointed. The recipe is called Mushroom Barley Risotto.

My husband's quote of the evening: "Something with a name that bad should not taste this good."

Instead of veggie broth, I used my homemade turkey stock. There is a tablespoon of butter and some parmesan cheese that are added right at the end. So, before I do that, I get a small serving bowl and put enough in it for Jack and Therese. Then I add the butter to our serving bowl. The cheese gets its own little bowl and we can sprinkle our own, except for Anna who needs moderation in all things cheese. I have to keep the cheese dish on the opposite end of the table from her or she would sneak it all through the meal. Therese had thirds tonight. She kept signing "more". The only person who is not a fan of this dish is Olivia, my mushroom hater. But she picks out the mushrooms and says it tastes great after that.

The talk around the table this evening was mostly about what Sophie still needs before she leaves for Austria in a mere 10 days. She has to figure out how to pack all she needs for a semester into 2 suitcases and keep it under 40 pounds each. They do not assign roommates until they arrive and she is nervous. Then there is the whole voltage difference and how to deal with that. I have enjoyed having my whole family together through the holidays. Tomorrow Olivia returns to school and I guess that is officially the end of our time together as a complete family.

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