Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yet another reason I love my library...

Beer! The young college gentleman who works at our library struck up a conversation with me the other day about his favorite beers. I've been on a red wine kick for a while, but with warmer weather on the horizon, beer sounds awfully good. I mean, what could be better than an ice cold beer after working in the garden all afternoon?

Anyhoo, he asked me if I liked IPA's and of course I said.... "What's an IPA?"

(It's India Pale Ale, for those of you who aren't hip enough to know that!)

Back in college, any old beer would do. But now, I have a more discriminating palette, and a slightly bigger budget, so I sent Tony off to procure me some good beer. This is what he brought home.....

My librarian did not let me down! Oh so hoppy and refreshing! Yum, yum, yum!

By the way, this is my kitchen table. It is an old door. I fell for it the moment I saw it. I know it has nothing to do with beer, but I just wanted to share. Hope your weekend is wonderful.


  1. My husband is a beer connoisseur and enjoys a doppleboch (or double boch) which is a style of beer that use to be brewed by German monks (and consumed by the monks). It is a very heavy beer and dark and sweet. He had to quit drinking it every day, however, because he was seriously gaining weight. Haha! I usually switch to white wine during the summer, but I do love red.

  2. You would fit right in at Family Dinner! I am not a beer drinker, but can never pass up a fruity sangria. Oh I do love your table. It is perfect for beer and sangria drinking.