Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How does your garden grow

I always like to take a picture of the garden at the beginning of the season so I can look back and see the transformation. Little tiny plants and rows of seeds soon become blossoming plants. Before you know it, they are heavy with vegetables. I know this doesn't look like a holy place, but I do some of my best talking with God out there, weeding and watering, pruning and picking.

This year's crops:

tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers,

green beans, okra, and pumpkin.

Over in the herb garden, the lettuce has sprouted.

Rosemary, Thyme and Lemon Balm survived the winter.

I bought a few more strawberry plants too.

Jack informed me last night that he does not like "Lemon Bomb" because it explodes.

What are you growing this year?


  1. I've got tomatoes and cucumbers out - and a couple of my cherry tomato plants actually have some little green ones on there already!! This year, I have devoted a whole bed (I have the same raised beds that you do) to potatoes. I'm so excited about them - a friend did them last year and said it was the most rewarding gardening experience because of the amount that you get. We also planted blueberry bushes two years ago and are finally getting a good quantity of fruit on them this year.

  2. Kris- isn't such fun to see those tiny little tomatoes? Potatoes! I have never tried potatoes. But now I want to. We had blueberry bushes in Geogia, but had to leave them behind. Hopefully someone is enjoying them.

  3. I love your garden and the crib trellises. So creative and resourceful. I am just pulling my FIRST garden together and will blog about it soon. So exciting!
    PS...love the grey shed. Much improved!

  4. I've never done them either, so I'm excited to see how many I get and how they turn out! I'll let you know!