Sunday, May 8, 2011

On this Mother's Day

5:45 am: Therese wakes up, cooing in her crib. She and I head down the stairs to start the day. I change her diaper, make a bottle and settle in the chair with her. Her soft hair has strayed from it's clip and I gently brush it out of her eyes so we can see each other more clearly. She has been with us for exactly 8 months this day. Yesterday, she crawled. Two days ago, she stood up in the crib all by herself. She likes us to hold her hands so she can "walk". She can sit up from lying on the floor without our help. I am a mother 6 times over, thanks to her.

7:00 am: She is back asleep and I carry her back upstairs and lay her in the crib. I nudge my husband awake to remind him of his Mother's Day promise to me. It is supposed to rain later this morning, so it's now or not at all. I could ask for nothing better: in the quiet of the early morning, my husband and I, side by side, planting the garden together. I asked God to bless our efforts and let our garden flourish.

8:45 am: The plants are in the ground, as are the seeds. Tony says he'll finish cleaning up outside, so I head indoors to make breakfast. Olivia is already feeding Therese her breakfast. I make some toast for the little ones while the bacon is frying, the blueberry muffins from yesterday I reheat in the oven and I slice some strawberries. Coffee and juice and we are all set.

After Mass, we can hopefully begin work on the compost bin. I cannot wait to not throw away all those food scraps. It may sound mundane to many, but to me, this has been the best Mother's Day, and it's not even noon!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there. May your day be filled with special blessings!


  1. That sounds like a great day. Very peaceful. :-)

    I would love to have a compost bin also, but the animals get into it. Do you have that trouble? Even if I only put plant product in. They must be super hungry.

  2. Barbara- only time will tell if we have trouble with animals! I sure hope not. And yes, it has been a peaceful day.

  3. Sounds so peaceful and quiet and sacred. Beautiful morning for a beautiful mama.