Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yesterday was just plain rotten


I had wanted to make some date syrup. I was really excited about trying this recipe.

(I know that probably makes me a little weird. Oh, well.)

I pulled out the food processor, the recipe, the dates. I opened the dates. Whew! Mold on almost all of them! Sad at this turn of events, I put everything away. I was not only upset over not getting to try a new recipe, but mostly I was frustrated over the lost money. I mean, the grocery budget is something I really work on. In order to buy more organic, unprocessed foods, I have had to cut out some things.

(Boxed cereal was cut much to my families chagrin. I don't really understand why, for I make muffins, pancakes, waffles, etc. most mornings. Why do they still crave the stuff in a box?)

It wouldn't have been so bad if lunch had gone better earlier in the day. I bought some lunch meat, (which is also not on the grocery list anymore), since we had company earlier in the week and they had a little one with peanut allergies. I went to make sandwiches yesterday with the leftovers. I popped a piece in my mouth and immediately regretted not sniffing the package first. It was rancid! Not something I ever want to taste again. I threw it out and pulled out the swiss cheese to make a cheese sandwich and guess what? Yup. Green patches all over the cheese. All these things I had bought less than 5 days prior.

Today is going much better, thanks be to God!


  1. I have started to save food that is bad and I take it back when I go to the grocer on Saturday. It infuriates me to open a package or cut into a piece of produce and find it bad. I spend too much on groceries to throw away bad food!

    So sorry you had a bad day. I spent the afternoon with my son Noah in the ER today. :-(

  2. So was Wednesday better? :)

    I had just had to stop by to say, your mullet comment made me laugh out loud! Thank you for starting my day with a smile.