Monday, May 16, 2011

From the Kitchen...

Jack has been hounding and pestering me to make some playdough for longer than I care to admit. See, I didn't have enough salt and let's just say that someone did not remember to buy more for the last two grocery trips. But today, Jack accompanied me to pick up Olivia from school and we stopped on the way home to buy salt.

My cooks took turns adding ingredients and stirring the dough.
They even agreed on what color to make it.

Ewwww. But wait, it will look like playdough soon enough.

Here's the recipe we use. It is from the Little Hands Craft Book.

It only takes a minute for it to change from goo to dough.

Ready to play!

I stuck Therese's foot in it to see what she thought of playdough.

"Lady, why did you stick my foot in that stuff?"

It didn't take long to get set up on the kitchen floor.

In other kitchen news, I went to a yard sale in our neighborhood on Saturday. I scored this coffee perculator for $1! We also procured 2 books, 3 toys, and some thread tape for a grand total of $3. Not too shabby.

I'd been wanting a perculator ever since reading this book. I know I shouldn't get such a thrill out of making coffee, but I did! I felt just like a pioneer woman with an electric stove and an old perculator must have felt. And oh, it tasted SO good. I think my old coffeemaker will find a nice cozy spot on the closet shelf for a while.

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  1. We have a percolator that we use on the wood stove when the power is inconveniently out in the morning, but I love the coffee pot timer. I'm not getting up till the coffee's done. :-)