Thursday, January 21, 2010

What to do?

Back in November, while perusing the Church bulletin after Mass, I noticed the Catholic High School was having an open house. So Olivia, Sophie and I went to check it out. It was incredible. Not too big, not too small. Plenty of extracurricular choices and all the students we met were incredibly well-mannered and friendly. We filled out an application for financial aid, for tuition was more than we could afford, and waited. Today we heard from the school that we will be eligible for assistance. Olivia was understandably excited, for she really would like to go to High School. For me, I was surprised to find I felt relieved. Relief. Homeschooling two high schoolers this year has been challenging, to put it mildly. Don't get me wrong, I love working with the older girls, it is not that. I feel ill-equipped some days and wonder if I am doing a good job. Those thoughts creep in when we are struggling to keep up with the workload. Then I think back to my high school days. How much really stuck? The best part for me was being part of the band. Travelling to competitions, playing at the football games, hearing all the instruments blending together to make a beautiful sound. Being a Catholic high school, they will still be studying their faith, which is very important in my opinion. Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Thanks for listening to my rambling this morning!


  1. Relief means something important. When I'm relieved it usually means I was way over my head. You're such a good home-schooling mama, but I bet a Catholic high school could do an excellent job with your girls' education. You are blessed to find a place like that.

  2. I just dropped off the application to our local Catholic high school for my son, who will be in 9th grade next year. I will miss having him at home, but he's ready to try it, and I'm ready for him to try. I have never homeschooled for high school, and would certainly be willing to do it, but I know I can't give him everything he will get there. Go for it!!! If it's a bad experience, you can ALWAYS bring them back home.