Friday, January 8, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Today's project: take down the Christmas decorations. I have mixed emotions about this. On the one hand, I do not like clutter and my house will return to a neater state (and I will not find ornaments hanging from the cabinets). On the other hand, I am sad that the Christmas season is over and the tree looks so forlorn, empty and dry, waiting to be taken away.

We have been undergoing bathrooms changes this week. When we bought this house, we loved it for many reasons, but there was one big negative. The master bath was apparently used as a dog kennel by the previous owners and said dog did not like being locked in the bathroom.
Exhibit A

The new, unchewed version
I was reminded how much I like fresh flowers in the house when my husband brought me some yesterday. They instantly make the house cheerier, don't you think? I think they should be on the shopping list more often, especially in the dreary wintertime.
Each year for Ben's birthday, we go someplace he would have enjoyed. Last year, we went to a place called Great Wolf Lodge. It was the perfect cure for the winter blues. I am trying to decide if we should go there again or head to Kittyhawk. I don't know if it is too cold to do much there now or not. Anyone know?
Tonight is pizza and movie night. We all sit on an old, worn blanket in the den, eating homemade pizza while watching a family film. Tonight's showing: Felicity- An American Girl Adventure.
I keep wondering about something at our new parish. After the Lamb of God, they do not kneel. They remain standing until they go to receive Jesus. Does anyone know why? It is a Redemptorist parish.
My time is up! Anna is calling for me to read the new library books to her. There is a cozy, well-worn chair with an ottoman in our living room that holds us so comfortably. It is calling to me almost as loudly as Anna.

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  1. The kneeling question -- I've done some research on this because in our parish they also don't kneel. I was always taught to kneel. Other parishes in Atlanta kneel. Our church used to have Dominicans and they changed it to no kneeling after the Lamb of God. I was always taught that you kneel, because you are in Christ's presence, waiting to receive him, and you've just asked him to forgive your sins. On the USCCB website, they list the appropriate actions during the Mass for the congragation and recommend kneeling, but I don't think it's a mandate. I believe, after Vatican II, many churches stopped kneeling. I also had a priest tell me that in the Old Testament times, when people were praying to long periods of time, invoking God, they stood with their arms raised. In the story of Moses, there is a passage where is is up on a hill, praying for the Israelites in battle, and his arms are raised. He can't stop praying or they will lose the battle, but his arms get tired, so Aaron holds his arms up for him. So, the long and the short of it is, according to this priest, that either kneeling or standing is fine. Neither is wrong, or a sign of disrespect or anything, and it's largely up to the priest in the parish to decide. Not sure if that helped, but it might ot know that someone else had the same question!!

  2. Kris,

    Thank you so much for that explanation. It helped ever so much.

  3. Dear Jenny, I just found your blog because of your comment on Conversion Diary. Let me just tell you that a) people in my parish don't kneel either, b) I am so very sorry for your loss, c) I'm an Army wife too. I feel for you! Keep on blogging, there is someone out there listening!