Monday, January 4, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...January 4

Outside my window... sunny, but COLD!!! It is not supposed to get above 35 all week. For this southern gal, this is equivalent to living at the South Pole.

I am thinking... that it is difficult to get back into my routine after the holidays. So, so much to do. So far, fresh bread made, 3 loads of laundry done and the 5 year old is done with schoolwork. Must keep going!

I am thankful for... bedroom slippers, warm sweaters, and a new hat that I made on the drive to my mother-in-law's.

I am wearing... those bedroom slippers and a warm pink sweater with a brown shirt underneath. Jeans and socks too.

I am remembering... the things I saw at the Museum of American History yesterday. We only scratched the surface, going only as long as Jack and Anna could handle. We started in the History of Transportation section for Jack. He kept returning to the "biggest train in the world". Then we moved on to the Entertainment Section. We saw Dorothy's ruby slippers and the original Kermit puppet. We also saw some inpressive musical instruments. The highlight for me however was the Abraham Lincoln exhibit. Such a truly remarkable man.

I am going... to the library again. I have overdue books. Oops.

I am currently reading... Introduction to the Devout Life. Here's hoping something will stick.

I am hearing... the piano and the guitar being practiced. The gas fireplace. Jack and Anna making up a game.

On my mind... how to be better organized.

Noticing that... there are not enough minutes in this day to accomplish my list.

Pondering these words... "Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton's path took many unexpected turnings because she followed God's will rather than her own. What matters most is that the path God chose took her to him. In her obedience lay the source of the wisdom with which she taught others to follow in God's ways." --from the Magnificat

From the kitchen... whole wheat honey bread cooling, pork chops thawing, dishes being done by a teenager.

Around the house... suitcases unpacked, but mountains of dirty clothes came from them. A fresh start to school.

One of my favorite things~ the smell of bread baking.

From my picture journal...

it is fuzzy and my subject kept leaning out of the frame, but it captures him well.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    May God bless your service to America through the military. I have great admiration and respect for all servicemen and women. My brother is currently serving on the USS Abraham Lincoln, an aircraft carrier out of Everett (Seattle). I smiled when I read your reference to that president in your post.

    It's always a pleasure to "meet" another Catholic mom! Hope you have a great rest-of-the-week!

    Cheers from frigid (7 degrees) Nebraska!! :)