Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Daybook

outside the window... a foggy morning. The bare tree branches are dotted with dewdrops. It has decided to be cold again after several warmish days. I liked not having to bundle up to go out. Hopefully the springlike weather will return very soon.

on my mind...my mother-in-law who fell and fractured her skull. Please pray for her recovery. It is hard to be far from home anyway, but now it is especially hard.

in the kitchen...learning to do things differently. The sink is small. The fridge is small. The oven is small. My first loaves of bread did not turn out so nicely. There is one rack in the oven and one cookie sheet type rack. I think the solid rack is interfering with heat distribution. The bread looked lovely on top and very undercooked on the bottom. I also have always planned a weekly menu, but I do not have the space to store all that food. I guess I could still plan weekly and then buy daily. The walk to the store is nice.

in the classroom...we have had some good days and some not so good days. There are still many interruptions because we are not all the way settled in. I do like our new space in the loft area though. The room is divided in half by a big sofa that belongs to the landlords, but would be most difficult to get down the spiraling stairs. So it stayed. On one side is the classroom and on the other is the play area. I worried that it would be too distracting, but it really helps keep Peter busy and that is most useful.

I am creating...a new living space in a new house. A knit for a friend. I had tried to have a giveaway last week. No one entered the drawing, so I will donate the hat to the local hospital. I suppose God will find the right little head for the hat.

In my prayers...my mother-in-law.
                     ...my daughter Olivia, who has decided to live on her own.
                     ...my dad and his recovery.

Plans for the week...actually get the internet and phone service installed. Still no connection other than my cell phone's hot spot. So many things I need to do involve the computer. I would really like to know what the heck I am doing with the German washer and dryer. I am limping along until I can get an English translation for the owner's manuals. We had intended to do the Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure, but we cannot do the online parts because my little phone cannot handle all the downloads and videos.

No picture of the week because it takes about an hour to add one!


  1. You're surely having Lent there, aren't you? Whether you planned it or not. That's the way Lent goes.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. That's scary, especially as we age our brains don't bounce back so easily. Prayers for her, and your husband's peace, being so far. And for your peace regarding Olivia.

    PS does the cookie sheet rack come out of the oven? I'd be inclined to remove it unless I absolutely needed two racks. What an adventure!

  2. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us...
    I admire your patience! You are an inspiration!.
    Prayers for your intentions. And for some well baked bread. : )

  3. Prayers for your MIL and your Dad. And Olivia - is she moving out of a dorm to live on her own? I know it's hard to be to far away from your extended family. Prayer for you, too, that you continue to build a home there.

  4. And I would love a homemade, knitted hat, but I don't have anyone around here anymore with a head small enough for a baby hat!

  5. Changes are not easy. They require much patience and perseverance. I know you''ve got both,and I know in time you will have your "foreign exchange" down to a rhythm. Till then breathe deeply and feel God's spirit with you. Keeping you in my prayers.