Friday, March 7, 2014

It feels like Christmas, not Lent

Last night we slept in our own beds for the first time since January 8, just one day shy of two months. It felt like such a luxury. I have such mixed emotions about that since it is the beginning of Lent after all. I feel like we have had our own personal Lent imposed upon us for the last two months. We have lived out of three suitcases, three outfits a piece plus one more for Church. One more suitcase for some toys, which quickly got old. Not many luxuries to speak of, and frequently I found myself having to improvise to make things happen.

Our household goods arrived yesterday, one week ahead of schedule. All day Ash Wednesday, Jack would burst out, "I can't wait for tomorrow!" Finally, at bedtime, I said "I can't wait either. Do you know why?" And he looked at me expectantly. I replied, "Because you will stop saying 'I can't wait'". He thought that was the funniest thing. He laughed and laughed. It was a little like Christmas, ripping open boxes to find the things we have been missing. This morning I made banana muffins and let me just say that I appreciated that muffin tin more than I ever thought possible!

I have made a great dent in the unpacking. The kitchen is pretty well put away, though I know I will be moving things around as I figure out a better configuration. The classroom is put together and the toys are all in the playroom. We either need to get rid of some toys (my preference and Lent is a good time to do so!) or get some more baskets to put them in. The beds and bedding are all done. The kids clothes are put away and our bedroom is the next thing to tackle. The Army provided temporary furniture until ours arrived. Yesterday was very crowded with twice the number of beds and tables and couches. They came and picked up the furniture this morning, so now I can try and arrange our things properly.

Tony and I are not spring chicks anymore, as it turns out. We toasted the end of the day with Advil! I have a feeling I will get in better shape quickly though. Our street is a steep hill. At the bottom are some restaurants, a bakery, a butcher, the grocery store and I discovered that there is an open market on Wednesday mornings! Most of that is a five minute walk going down. It takes us a bit longer on the way back up the hill! The grocery store is actually about a fifteen minute walk, but if the weather cooperates, I plan to walk. The streets are so narrow, you are basically playing chicken with oncoming traffic the whole time when you drive.

That is the latest update for now. I must get back to unpacking, for the kids are actually playing nicely.


  1. Merry Christmas! You had your Lent early so don't feel badly. That trip across the ocean was a whole Lent alone! ;-)

  2. Hooray for household goods! And I agree: you've already had your Lent, so revel in the luxury. :-)

  3. YAY For household goods! If you do decide to get more baskets, I can tell you a great basket store not too far from here.

  4. So glad everything arrived and it's starting to look and feel like home now. Post some pictures!!

  5. Hi there! I'm visiting from Jamie Jo's...
    So nice to meet you! : )