Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Castle with a View

This afternoon, we decided to see our first German castle. We started close by. Berg Nanstein is in Kaiserslautern, which coincidentally is where Tony's car lost it's drive shaft a few days ago. We were following the brown signs, but were having trouble locating the castle. We drove past a narrow little cobblestone path with an arrow to the castle with a picture of a bicycle on it. We assumed that it was a bike path. After circling for a while, our friendly GPS finally felt like cooperating and informed us that that little path was indeed a road for cars. When we reached the castle, the inside was open for only thirty more minutes. Since there was a charge to see the inside, we will go back when we have more time. There was plenty to see on the outside and we stayed for several hours. The weather was perfect, the view phenomenal, the beer cold, and overall was a splendid day for the soul.  I'm told the ice cream was pretty good too.

The view from the castle

There is all kinds of excitement in those faces.

photo credit goes to Anna

This was on the back side of the castle.

A Tree Grows In Berg Nanstein

This is the "road" to the castle. We are coming back down when I took the picture.

Also a two way street. Those cars on the left aren't moving. They are parked That leaves plenty of room to drive, don't you think?


  1. Loving all the pictures!! What an adventure!!

  2. What a fun adventure for sure. And you must be having nice weather. Enjoy the fun stuff. We know it can be fleeting. ;-/

    I love the view of the village. Darling. And those streets remind me of campus streets over here. I navigate those all the time -- w/ often very rude drivers. Hope Germans are kinder.

  3. I remember those crazy, tiny streets!! When we got there, we had a Fiat and small station wagon - crazy getting that thing through some of those towns. The castles are always fun - I remember that one from K'town. Sometimes, go see the castle of King Ludwig (Crazy Ludwig), and the one in Heidelberg.