Friday, March 28, 2014

Thankful Thursday on a Friday

I am linking up with Jamie today to do a thankful post.

First, let me say how thankful I am to finally, finally, have an internet connection! I called my parents last night for free and I also Skyped with them! Oh, so thankful for Skype so I could see my mom and dad, Sophie, and my grandmother.

Thankful for creative kids who liked watching a show called Art Attack in the hotel room. She created this paper mache helmet from items in the room. I did buy her some paint.

Thankful for cotton yarn and a pair of knitting needles. I made a lot of dishcloths in that hotel room!


Thankful for little boys who can fall asleep anywhere.  Thankful that these kids of mine handled this move like champs. Even through three, count them three stomach bugs in the first six weeks! Thankful for Lysol wipes too.

Thankful that cans of food have pictures on them so I could buy the things we needed for pizza at the local grocery store. Thankful for Google Translate on my phone so I can try and tell the ladies at the deli counter what I would like to buy.

Thankful for our new backyard. Thankful that there is a chicken coop backing up to our yard. (Not our chickens, but we get to watch them) Thankful that Peter gets in on the play now with all his siblings. Thankful for nice neighbors who don't mind the repeated trips into their yard to retrieve baseballs.

Thankful that this is the view out my front door. Look at those mountains! I love the little village we live in. I feel like I am living in a fairy tale book. Everything is so quaint.

Thankful for signs of spring. Flowers are budding and bursting forth everywhere I look. There are so many new plants to see too. And the birds! I am trying to capture them on my camera. There are such interesting birds here.

Thankful that most of the streets look like this. Some are paved, including our street, but all the sidewalks are made of stone like this. It is so pretty.

I am going to have to have a whole post dedicated to all the doors I see. Thankful for all the interesting architecture. It is like eye candy for me. I could just stare and stare and never grow tired of the views.

Thankful for little boys who find these small doors as funny as I do. Little doors like this are everywhere, tucked in the sides of buildings or walls.

Thankful for getting to see this on our walk to the store every day. Thankful that we can walk to the store because Tony's car broke down yesterday. Thankful for GPS so I could find him to pick him up in the big town where he was stranded. Thankful for leftovers because cooking dinner got interrupted for a rescue mission.

Thankful for the little chapel on post (not the one pictured here) where we have been going to Stations of the Cross and a soup supper every Friday. It has helped us meet people in the Church a lot faster than I imagined. Thankful that the Lenten season came along at just the right time this year.

Thankful for little girls who keep on walking after Mommy kisses her knees for the hundredth time. She just keeps tripping on those cobblestones. She keeps walking, but she does not suffer in silence. Thankful for her spirited personality. Most of the time.

Thankful for warmer temperatures so that our walk is more pleasant. Thankful that the sun has been out more than the clouds lately.

Thankful that I walk these streets more than I drive on them. It is like playing chicken every time we drive. There is room for about one and a half cars on the streets in our town. When you meet an oncoming car, you need to determine who is going to yield and pull onto the sidewalk, and who gets to proceed.

Thankful for the exercise this hill affords me every time we walk home. It is a good workout because I am usually the one pushing the stroller loaded down with Peter and all the groceries we have just bought. I am huffing and puffing those last 50 feet. I figure it will get a little easier every time. Right?


  1. I'm thankful you have Internet too, so now we can see these beautiful photos!
    Thank you for sharing!
    The view out your front door is amazing. : )

    1. There is so much beauty over here, I want to capture it all with my camera.

  2. Love. Love love LOVE this post! Wish I could meet you for some strong [German] coffee!!

    1. oh, me too! Just come on over, the door will always be open for you. And I promise there would be good chocolate too!

  3. Oh, my gosh!! Jenny!!! I loved this post! I'm thankful you have internet now too, so we get to benefit from your pictures!! Amazing pictures. Oh, it would be dangerous for me to live there!

    Those doors, amazing and the sidewalks too! You'll have to get a family picture done of the kids on some kind of stairs and by one of those doors.

    Peter on the side of the bed, how cute is that? (VERY)
    That helmit, awesome job! I saw yesterday where an artist is painting baby helmets (you know about those right?) to look like fancy helmets, like a fighter helmet, or a pilot's helmet

    Those cans are so funny, I never even thought of how hard that would be. SO cool you can look it up on your phone, if you can't read it!! Amazing we live in the times we live in.

    The "she does not suffer in silence" part made me laugh right outloud!! hahahah!! Awwwww, she's so cute, I bet it is hard to walk on those stupid sidewalks!

    Your kiddos are always!
    Thank you for linking up, God bless you!

    1. I'm thankful for you Jamie! Thankful that you inspire me to find the good even when I am feeling down or homesick.