Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Randomness

 After receiving some very sad news from a friend, my mood and my heart have been heavy all week. I thought I'd try to lighten things up a little with some fun pictures.

setting up for the magic show

The magician and her assistant. Their performance may not have left anyone amazed but I sure did laugh more than I have in a long time. It felt good to laugh like that.

Jack has been working at a house of cards. Not too bad, eh?

I made a hooded towel for Peter.

I find him pushing chairs to get places these days. Abandoned chairs are found all over.

Notice the chair in the background. I think it matches my chair cushions and the kids love sitting on those yard sale finds. It is even better than I imagined.

The mouse thief. I find him right here, doing just that, all. day. long.

The big girls and I have been painting. We started with my bedroom since it would be the most difficult with the high ceilings. It is such a subtle color, I thought I'd show a mid-project view.

The finished walls, with a glimpse of the hallway and the bathroom colors too.


  1. Your house is so cute! The kids are even cuter! I think I missed Peter along the did that happen?

  2. I love your busy busy house full of happy resourceful children. Sorry for the news that put you into such overwhelming sadness. It is hard at times, isn't it. Pain we cannot take away, no matter what the pain is.
    Love your bedroom color too.

  3. Cute pictures...I love all the white woodwork and the new paint, looks so clean and fresh!

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