Monday, July 1, 2013

July Goals

Before I put up my list of July goals, let's look at how June went.

1. Shannon's baby blanket: finished and sent off to the beautiful little baby girl!

2. have a yard sale:  Well, we had a yard sale. But it was a dismal turnout. The only person who did well was Anna, who set up a lemonade stand. We made only slightly more than she did. Jack tried to sell his own artwork. Thankfully, there were grandmotherly types who stopped by and paid him 25 cents for his masterpieces. The rest of them? Yes, I bought them and put them on the fridge. Subtract that from what we made and Anna probably did make more of a profit.

3. make bread at least once a week: done! The whole point was to get back in the routine of making bread and I believe that was successful. See? I made bread today and it is July!

4. finish Mother Angelica's book: nope. Not even close. I just can't read it fast. There is so much to absorb in there. I may just have to buy the book and return this one to the library.

5. do '3 good things every night'. Check!

For a first attempt, I would say this is overall a successful idea to get and keep motivated. Therefore I shall try again this month. So far, here is what is on the list:

July Goal List

1. fill out Peter's baby book. That's right, it is still blank. Bad, bad mama!

2. take a sewing class where I learn to sew stretchy fabrics. In particular, the stretchy fabric I bought and is just sitting there, unused and taunting me every time I see it.

3. finish painting the bedrooms. The girls and I finished my room in two days. Olivia is halfway done with hers. I need to paint Jack and Therese's room yet.

4. finish Anna's school year. (or be OK with where we are at the end of July.) It is hard for me to call it when we haven't actually finished.

I will add more as they come to me!

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