Thursday, July 18, 2013


At the ripe old age of six and a half, Jack lost his first tooth this week. Following tradition, we promptly lost the tooth! Thinking I was being smart, I had him put it in an envelope and address it to the Tooth Fairy. He didn't lick and seal it, which I really didn't think I needed to tell him, since he seals empty, very usable envelopes all the time. Well, it fell out of that envelope and onto the floor of his room. Which is carpeted. With Berber. With white flecks. Ack! While searching for that tooth, which we did find (praise God!), we also found Therese's missing juice cup. Just how long had it been MIA, you ask? Let's just say that the phrase of the day around here is: 'Chuck the cup'. If we have survived this long without the cup, I have no desire to investigate the contents remaining in it.

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  1. These are the stories they'll beg to hear over and over again as they grow up!