Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Wednesday, July 17

-going to the Botanical Gardens with good friends. Expect a great day. Don't forget to pack chair that I sold on craigslist.
-get to the gardens to discover that child in charge of packing chair packed wrong chair.
-the gardens are beautiful but it is sure hot.
-get home, notice that Peter seems hot to the touch. Give him cool bath.
-Peter is still hot. Take temperature. It is 103.
-Google heat stroke in infants. Freak out. Head to ER.
-Doc thinks it is only a virus. Big sigh of relief, still feeling guilty about taking him out on hot day.
-get home. make pizza. watch movie. Peter still has fever.

Thursday, July 18

-long, long night. Peter's fever is so high. Over 104 most of night. Many cool baths.
-start packing for trip that may not happen if he is not better.
-this fever just won't break. Keep giving meds and cool baths.
-decide to postpone trip for one day. maybe we can still make it to the reunion.
-Oh, my. Sophie's birthday! She is 21. Will have to postpone going out for birthday lunch. Baby too sick.
-mushroom burgers for the birthday girl. turkey variety for the other kids.
-black bean brownies for dessert. Taste too good to be made with beans.

Friday, July 19

-marathon laundry day as we prepare to leave early tomorrow for WV.
-Peter still has fever.
-make dinner and stay up till 1 am packing.

Saturday, July 20
-decide to travel even though Peter still has fever. Not as high.
-realize we are in WV when we get behind truck on highway with shirtless men sitting on truck tailgate.
-go through big storm. Tree downed a power line. Fire dept. directing traffic around wires in road.
-finally make it to the family reunion! So glad we decided to come.
-kids in creek. time slowing down. nerves of past 2 days calming.

Sunday, July 21

-breakfast in hotel. Feed Peter some yogurt.
-go to Mass at pretty Church. Good sermon about Martha and Mary.
-finally! I think Peter's fever is gone.
-go visit with family.
-explore Nana's attic, find really cool old electric stove
-wonder how to make stove fit in my kitchen.
-kids in pool, I am chatting with family.
-pizza on grill, head back to hotel.

Monday, July 22

-get ready to head home
-notice Peter has little rash on face, chest, and back.
-regret feeding him yogurt.
-say our good-bye's. get emotional.
-Peter is looking worse. Start freaking out about the yogurt.
-call doctor. suggests heading to ER.
-stop and buy some Benadryl.
-call sister and have her look up rashes. now thinking it is related to fever.
-pull into Ft. Eustis to discover there is no ER. Head home.
-look up roseola and feel confident that is what is going on.
-send Tony for take out.

Tuesday, July 23

-realize I have been typing August throughout post. go back and edit.

Team "Reostison's" at the botanical gardens

He doesn't look like he is about to have a 5 day fever fest.

Reunion time! My 98 year old grandmother in the middle, her 2 sons, 4 of her granddaughters, and 10 of her great-grandchildren.

The old barn and chicken coop.

The gravel drive is gone and the tracks are barely visible anymore.

This is how it is in WV!


  1. My sister routinely ran high fevers in the 104-105 zone. I remember many nights of her being set in a cool tub alternated with wrapped in a towel, over and over and over. She grew out of that by the time she was 6 or so. Praying you don't go through this again--I *know* how scared you must have been!

  2. Glad Peter is better. We've dealt with roseola before - scary high fever. I always think it's so crazy that the rash shows up AFTER. If it would be there WITH the fever, at least you would know what it is!

    1. I couldn't agree with you more! I did a lot of freaking out!

  3. You are a tough gal...all that, plus a feverish baby. Glad it's diagnosed and over! Really cool travel pics, though.