Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yarn Along

Today is the feast day of Saint Rita. She is the patron saint of impossible cases. Why, you might ask, would I mention that little fact in a yarn along post? Well, my friends, I have a partially finished baby blanket and the recipient's due date was, um, yesterday! If I knit continuously for the next 3 days, I might be able to complete it, but that just isn't going to happen. I know my friend is a patient soul, not to mention just an incredible person and I am blessed, blessed I tell you, to call her my friend, so just maybe it will be all right if it is a little late.

I also mention Saint Rita because there are so many other impossible cases in my life right now. I won't go and list them, it would not be a good idea to look at a list like that. Just say a little prayer if you are the praying kind of person, will you? I know I will be petitioning good St. Rita daily.

I have the body of the blanket complete. Now I am making the border, which is worked in the round. I currently have close to 500 stitches on my needles. One round takes quite some time, especially the one I am on right now, since it involves using a cable needle.

Reading has been light, both in content and amount. Therese is currently loving the Frances stories, which is fine by me, because I love them too.

I also have a funny reading moment with Jack that I want to write down so I won't forget it.

In his reader, the story was talking about shopping. The mom bought a ham. The dad bought a hat. The child wanted to buy a pup. At this point, Jack looks at me and says in a shocked voice, "They are going to let him have a dog?" Then he reads the next line which said "No, you may not have a pup." Jack giggles and turns to me, "I knew it!" Then the next child wants a pig. Jack is laughing out loud at this point in the story and says, "Oh. They'll never let him have that!"

Not every story goes like that with Jack, but I sure do appreciate it when it does. He has become a reader, which is always a great accomplishment for both teacher and student!

Joining Ginny, as always.


  1. Stopping in from Ginny's blog. I have been praying the Novena to St Rita. She is a favorite of mine! I wrote a little about my love for her last week on my blog. I will definitely add your private intentions to my list of petitions to her today.
    I love the pink yarn. So pretty!

  2. saying a tiny prayer for you. I bet that blanket will be off the needles very very soon!

  3. What an adorable story!! I love it. That is so cute. And you know that people who receive homemade gifts do not complain if they are "late". No handmade gift is ever late. It is always perfectly on time. =)

  4. While I always enjoy every new "accomplishment" with homeschooling, seeing them go from "learning" to read to actually reading is my absolute favorite!