Friday, May 17, 2013

A Quote

I have been slowly reading, and I do mean slowly, Mother Angelica's Private and Pithy Lessons from the Scriptures. The little slip of paper from the library tells me that I have renewed it 5 times. Our library lends books for three weeks at a time. I will let you do the math.

I have so many things that I want to read and such little time to do it. I asked a friend recently how she reads so many books with so many little ones. She said she reads while she folds laundry. What? I can't even get to the laundry folding, let alone read at the same time! I must be slacking.

Anyway, I did read yesterday while sitting on the end of Therese's bed, waiting for her to settle down for her afternoon nap. It was only a few pages, but sometimes that is best. Then I can ponder those few words while I do all the things that need doing.

Here is part of what I read yesterday that I want to be able to go back to after I eventually return this book to the library:

She was speaking of the Holy Innocents, but I think you can apply this to any tragedy in your own life.

"So God permitted evil to bring about a greater good. Because they died, He lived. Because He died, WE live. It is a mystery that unless the seed falls to the ground and unless it dies, it remains alone. I realize that there are many things in me that must die before He can live: my pride, my ambition, my impatience, my anger. The difficulty I find in loving my neighbor, or listening to the problems of another. There is much that I must die to. But unless I die, unless these things are conquered, He cannot live in me. He cannot. For God must reign supreme in my soul. He must have all of me. He must know that I prefer Him to everyone and everything."


  1. Beautiful jenny--words to ponder. Must have been just enough reading. Sometimes that's all we need. (I can't read and fold laundry either, don't feel bad)

  2. And we have the book that we never finished....! I'm right there with you - I have STACKS of reading that I'll get to someday. Someday....!

  3. Read while folding laundry?? Are you kidding me? I'm assuming she somehow folds w/o can do. I can play the Rosary on my phone while folding, I can do that...but I cannot do anything else while reading. Except nursing. I do sometimes read on my phone w/ the kindle app while nursing. Terribly handy. I get most of my reading done that way. =)