Sunday, May 5, 2013

At the park

How can I have lived here for almost 4 years and not known that this fantastic park existed? It is called Bluebird Gap Farm. Now that I do know, we will be visiting often. As in, we will be going back on Wednesday to see them sheer the sheep! Oh, and did I mention it is free?

She is saying "Aww...Mom!" because I said let's look at the animals first, then go to the playground.

I'm not sure what they are talking about, but it looks pretty serious.

Looking longingly at the chickens

Not so sure about the chickens

I asked Tony to get at least one picture of me with Peter. I am always behind the lens.


  1. That is a really, really nice park! And I love Peter's expression in the last two photos. He looks surprised. :-)

  2. I had no idea you didn't know about Bluebird Gap Farm....can't believe we never went over there together! My kids loved it there too...except when there were busloads of school kids or preschools there.
    You guys look great...sure wish I could give little Peter a big squeeze! What a cutie!!

  3. Awesome pictures! You and your kids are so beautiful! (Joe loved looking at these pictures!)

  4. Yay! A picture of you and that sweet baby!! I am totally in love with Peter's brown eyes...well all of those brown eyes in your family! We have all blue eyed kiddos. Such a contrast to what I live with!

    That sounds like a great park! We found a little zoo not too far from us, about 30 minutes, can't wait to go back, they had a ton of things and animals. So fun to find treasures like that!

  5. I love the pictures! Peter looks SO much like you - especially those brown eyes!