Tuesday, May 14, 2013

To Peter, on the occasion of turning 9 months old

Dear Peter,

Today we celebrate you being on the outside as long as you were on the inside! Nine months old already. You have accomplished quite a lot in those months. Crawling is easy-peasy now and I cannot turn around for even a second or you are out of sight and into trouble. Cruising the furniture is a favorite game of yours, banging your sweet little hands on every surface as you go along. You are even getting adventurous and letting go and standing alone for a few seconds at a time.  And that grin. Oh, that grin! It melts my heart when you gaze up at me with those big, chocolate eyes and that mischievous grin.

You have developed a taste for table food and want what is on my plate. I don't blame you one bit. It is much better than mashed up, unseasoned food. Two days ago, I noticed a little hole in your gum, which means I will get to see that first tooth very soon! Even though you are still a peanut in size, (you are just 15 pounds), you make sure that you get lots of attention. Mama's arms is your favorite place to hang out, making housework very challenging.

All of your siblings think you are the bee's knees. And they are right, of course.

In a couple of weeks, they are going to fix your foot so that it matches the other one. I pray that everything goes smoothly and you don't resent me for the pain and the cast. It will be a long month, I am sure, but you and I can figure out some new games to keep your mind off the fact that you will not be so mobile.

Before they do the surgery, we are going to take a little trip to the Outer Banks. I think you are going to love it. We will see where the first plane flew, we will dip those toes of yours in the ocean, we will celebrate Daddy being done with the school where he has been for the last two months and us all being together for the whole summer.

I love you ever so much, my sweet, sweet little man!


p.s. The Army thought it would be funny to tell us to stay put a little longer. It looks like we won't set foot in Germany until 2014. I think it will be for the best.

His first popsicle. Hmmmm.

O.K. I'll try another bite.

A little more, please.

All done! Is there more?

He got a stomach bug last week, and he has had a hard time bouncing back. I think it really shows in this picture.
I just noticed as I was previewing the pictures that you can see all his little piggies!


  1. I must have missed the Germany thing?--what the heck? Is Germany better than Alaska?

    Oh, poor little babe...is an in and out surgery, or will he be in overnight? I'm sure it will be hard for a couple days, but you will be amazed at how much he'll be able to move in a cast. Simeon, did not like sleeping with the arm braces on, but they were fine for playing.

    Simeon has 2 toes that are webbed together....we think they are adorable. He might not when he gets older. I've never pictured them for the blog. (he has a couple goofy fingers too--wonder what God was thinking when He did those things...)

    I'll be praying for your sweet little baby!

    1. After they postponed Alaska, the orders got cancelled and we were assigned to Germany. We were supposed to go in August and they let Tony know this week that is has been pushed back until January. We'll see how that plays out! And yes, I think Germany is better than Alaska. My mom, on the other hand, does not.

      Peter should be home from surgery the same day. It is a little more complicated than they originally thought, since the "extra" toe is not the last one, but the fifth. It only has bones in the actual toe and then the bone is fused to the sixth toe. I don't know how to explain it since I can't draw neat pictures like the doctor did!

      I bet Simeon's toes are adorable! His fingers are exactly how God wants them to be, I suppose!

  2. Such an adorable little guy! Said a prayer for his surgery and for Mom in the waiting room.

  3. I was thinking the SAME thing when I saw the pictures - love that you captured his little foot before the surgery. You can show him when he's older! It will be funny when he grows up, if he has a baby that inherits that! Isn't the army lovely? Never a dull moment. We had some back and forth this past month - Jim was given a Brigade Command. And then he wasn't. And then he was. Sigh. We finally had the change of command ceremony two weeks ago, and now he's in it for a year. So now it's actually official.

  4. 9 months already? I remember when he was born!! He is super adorable, and my little one wears the exact same necklace. =)