Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The "Big" Day

No. I am not in labor. I am talking about the day that inevitably comes when you are no longer "cute" pregnant. I am big and round and only one shirt still covers my belly and meets my pants. I was lamenting to a friend last night about my clothing woes and she brought me over a bag of longer t-shirts to get me through these last couple of weeks! Now that is a good friend indeed. By the size of my belly, I am guessing that this guy will be another big baby. Most of my kids have been over 8 1/2 pounds. **in the middle of writing this post, another equally good friend brought me more clothes!!** maybe I shouldn't complain so much.

36 weeks, 4 days

Today, Jack asked me for about the hundredth time when I would take him to the Living Museum to see the Titanic film. I realized that I better do it now. So we ate lunch and went to the show. Afterwards, we walked over to the live animal show and he and Anna got to touch a snake and see a screech owl up close. As many times as we have visited this museum, we had never seen either of these programs.

Overall, it has been a good day and I am realizing how blessed I am. The only shadow on this day was first thing this morning, when I discovered that our cat, who has been progressively getting more persnickety, had decided we messed up her litter box by cleaning it. She did not use it this morning. She used the floor. Does anyone want a very pretty cat with a few personality flaws?

one cat in need of a new home

Finally, to round out this post, I'll share a couple of pictures of the stowaway on the tire of Tony's car the other day. He was in the middle of changing the oil when he called for me to quickly bring the camera. Those are words that have never been spoken by my husband before, so my curiosity was more than piqued.

He is more brown than I have ever seen a praying mantis. They are usually very green.

His eyes were a little creepy and his head kept following the camera.


  1. Oh my golly, youl look awesome! What a pretty pregnant lady! :-) truly.

    And that is one really creepy bug.

  2. You look AWESOME. I am sooooooo jealous! And yes, none of my maternity shirts fit anymore. Thank goodness my husband has like 50,000 t-shirts so I'm constantly stealing them!

    That bug is freaky! Especially when you wrote that he followed the camera!

  3. Oh, Jenny, you look Great!!!!! Really, you do. I'm sure you don't feel that way, praying for you these last days....that bug is nasty!!!!!

  4. You've got some fine friends. Those clothes were a much needed little near-term psychological lift. I agree with everyone else that you look great. The bug is a good guy, eating aphids and such. And he prays, which is what I am doing for you right now.

  5. You wear it well! Wish I could help you with the cat, but I sneeze just looking at the picture. Enjoy these precious last few weeks, my friend. They are precious indeed.

  6. You DO look awesome!! All belly. And nothing else! Hope you are feeling well. Keeping your special intentions close to my heart in prayer.