Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Second Thoughts

First thought: "Let's get as much school under our belt before this new baby is born so that we can take a guilt-free break."

Second thought: "I have not had one day to enjoy with my kids this summer and I am super stressed because of it."

We literally jumped into the "new" school year the week after finishing up last year's work. I was not prepared, but the kids were so excited and I had that first thought of getting a jump start before the baby arrived.

Then came these twice weekly non-stress tests for the baby which eat up my days. Followed by a rain storm that led us to an ongoing water leak that had rotted the wood on a section of our house. Dealing with the repairmen for the last two weeks took even more time away from my routine. They finished their part yesterday, but left me with the job of having to repaint the wall in the den and all the trim work.  Heaven only knows when I will get to that!

Please tell me it is just pregnancy hormones, but I am about to explode! Boy noises make me want to crawl out of my skin, people touching my skin make me cringe. I want to have a bubble around me with a sign that says "Give me my personal space". All the everyday noises of the house are making me nuts.

Strangely enough, when Tony called me yesterday to tell me that our orders for our next duty station were deleted (that we were excited about) and the Army kindly offered us three new choices that we don't like, I did not panic. I figure that they will probably change their minds yet again before the actual date. It is so out of my control that to worry seems silly.

I guess I am looking for someone to say that it is OK to slow down and change my mind and just enjoy these last days as a family of 7. A new kind of crazy is about to descend once the baby arrives and just maybe some laid back days would be the best way to prepare?


  1. Yes, it's okay to slow down! Just breathe. :-)

  2. You absolutely have my permission. Go to bed and pull the covers up! Hide! :-)

  3. You have my permission too....I've been there, actually I am still there!!

  4. Slow down and enjoy these last days as a family of 7!! There is always time for school. Take a break.