Sunday, July 15, 2012

Taking a Break

Taking the advice of the four people that read my little blog, we took the rest of the week off and just relaxed, culminating yesterday at Busch Gardens. Once a year, they give the military free passes into the park. Chancing the threat of rain, we set out to have us some fun. Some rides were already closing due to the approaching storm, so the older girls ran for the roller-coasters with Tony and I trekked to the kiddie area with the little ones. The rides were temporarily shut down, but there is a climbing area and they happily ran about, keeping up with Therese. Watching Jack help his little sister navigate safely through the play area gave me hope that I have been doing something right in the raising of these kids. Then the heavens opened up and the rains came down in torrents. We made it under a sheltered area and waited. They never once complained about the delay and once the lightening ceased, they played in the rain til they were soaked to the bone. As the rides began to reopen, the crowds were not out yet and I could let them run from ride to ride and wait in line by themselves, pushing the stroller with a sleeping baby at my own pace and not worrying about them getting lost. We had such a fun day. We ate food that had very little nutritional value, the rides spun us and dipped and dived all our troubles away. We even got to see some incredible fireworks from our car just as we were about to pull out. I do believe we had the best seats for viewing the colorful, loud display. All that tension was gone just like a storm that breaks the unbearable heat of summer and leaves behind the smell of water on pavement, and a freshness in the air.

Will we try our hand at school work this week? Maybe. Or maybe not. Either way, this mama is not a stressed out mama and today has been a quiet, peaceful Sunday.


  1. That's awesome Jenny. I'm so happy you guys had so much fun. I was thinking about you as it started to rain. Sometimes the most fun we have is the fun we weren't expecting, like playing in the rain. And you most definitely are doing things right.

  2. So glad!! That's exactly what you need before this baby comes. And the nice part about the rain at Busch Gardens is that you didn't pay to get in, so even with the delay, you don't feel like you're missing out on anything!

  3. Busch Gardens at its very best. After and rain and no crowds. Aren't the flowers delightful too? Glad you took the break. Smart mama.