Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Days

The hot, lazy days of summer have descended upon us once again. The kids were going a little stir-crazy last week, so we decided to pull out the old inflatable pool. Can I just say "Ewwww!" It was a moldy, rolled up mess. After a unanimous vote, it was tossed in the trash and Tony set off to the store for a new model.

Attempting to keep as much grass and dirt out of the pool as possible, and also to be able to keep a close eye on Therese, the decision was made to set up the pool on the deck. No one uses the table anyway, since the bugs hone in on you the second you go outside with anything resembling food. So the table was rolled to the shed, the pool inflated, and a tent was set up to keep the direct sun off little people.

We were recently gifted with not one but two boxes of baby clothes! We are so blessed. The kids really didn't get all excited about cute baby outfits like I did. They only wished me to hurry up so that they could turn the boxes into other things. They played restaurant for hours.

While the kids tested out the new pool, I kept the back door open and began slicing cucumbers to make my Nana's refrigerator pickles. They are so yummy and take me back to hot summer days at her house. There was no air conditioning and the kitchen was closed, except for dinner. For lunch, every day, there were crackers, pickles, hard salami, and her famous homemade applesauce. The tablecloth was made of terrycloth and we would crowd around her small table and feast on these delicacies, then run back out to play as soon as our hunger was abated, the screen door slamming behind us.

The ongoing laundry pile, full of towels and swimsuits. I try and catch up each evening, but sometimes the pile gets the best of me, especially now that I have to go twice weekly for non-stress tests. They do eat up my mornings. This morning, after listening to this baby's nice strong heartbeat, I went to the next room so they could check the amniotic fluid levels. That looked fine, but we discovered that sometime in the last week  this little guy went from head down to breech! Hopefully he will make a round-trip and end up the right way soon!

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  1. PLEASE, I BEG YOU......send me the pickle recipe! I am up to my ears in cucumbers, from my VERY prolific cucumber plants, and I don't wish to can anything. Something that lives in the refrigerator while it gets eaten would be lovely.