Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yarn Along

A bead! Do you see it? Right next to the stitch marker. I did it! My first row with beads! I watched a video on how to add beads, and the lady made it look so easy. In fact, it is easy, once you get your hands used to holding your work and a crochet hook. By about the 10th bead, I found my own little rhythm.

I've been reading this book to Anna before bed. I read Jack whatever book on vehicles he wants first, then I pick up the Penderwick's. It's funny how people start gathering around us as I read this story. Everyone likes it and wants to hear the next chapter. Even my husband. It is so sweet to look up from the pages and see my family all together.
I am gathering courage as I get further into this project. Oh, there are already mistakes, but they will stay. I once read somewhere that the Amish purposely leave a mistake in their quilts because the only truly perfect thing is God. I don't even know if this is true, but I like the idea behind it. Plus, it allows my perfectionist side a chance to relax and just "go with it" when I realize many stitches later some little detail I did wrong.
Thank you Ginny as always for hosting!!


  1. Oh I must be related to the Amish then with all the mistakes I make in my knitting! :) Love the gray color. We have that book on cd and haven't finished listening to it.

  2. It's beautiful. I am always astonished by anyone who intentionally makes a mistake. I don't even have to try.

  3. There are no mistakes, just design elements. ;-)