Thursday, August 25, 2011


As Hurricane Irene closes in on the east coast, I went to the store to buy some canned provisions and water, just in case. I bought some canned fruits and veggies, though not what I would consider the most healthy fare, but what the hey, it's a hurricane for Heaven's sake. My husband had the same idea to stock up on food and water and also stopped at the store on the way home from work....
 ...ummm, I think this is a subtle hint that just maybe, he doesn't fully appreciate my attempts at a healthy diet. He raised his arms and shook them mightily with a hearty guffaw issuing forth as I carried his booty into the house.
I'm just praying that we won't need this, but it is good to be prepared.


  1. As long as you went through all the trouble of preparing, go ahead and have a hurricane party anyway. :-) Stay safe!

  2. They're not evacuating you all?