Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I felt the earth move...and other big news

Therese was asleep in her crib. The little kids were playing quietly beside me. I was perusing Ebay, looking for THE one thing my husband really wants to have. He doesn't want much for himself ever. I wish I could buy it for him, but the budget won't allow. Yet. One day, it will. All was quiet.

At first, I thought the kids were pulling on my chair. I turned to tell them to stop, but they were not touching my chair. Then I heard a low rumbling sound and the slab foundation of our home was shaking. The walls were swaying, pictures were swinging, my pile of freshly folded laundry fell over. I slowly realized that I was experiencing an earthquake! It was over in a few seconds, and I was shaken, emotionally. Tony was at work, Olivia was at school. I could not hold them close. We are fine now and the kids thought it was exciting. Although Jack did bring me a picture of a giant 'x' and told me it meant no more earthquakes in our house.

In other news, if anyone even remembers that I mentioned that there was something big that I wasn't ready to talk about, I am ready now! Let me start by saying that I love the south. I love warm weather, spanish moss growing on trees, the laid back feel of small southern towns. The slow drawl of a good southern accent. I imagine us retiring one day in such a place with a few chickens and a red barn and a large garden.

I'm guessing the army honcho's don't read my blog, or else they would know what kind of shock they have put upon this southern gal's heart. We have a new duty station to report to and it is not below the Mason-Dixon line my friends. It is not even close. We are going to ALASKA!!!! We have about a year to prepare ourselves. I have had about a month to get used to the idea and I am trying to embrace the new adventure before us. This could be fun, right? Tell me how much fun it is going to be, please!


  1. It's going to be fun Jenny, it's going to be fun!!

    It's going to be hard, I'm sure, but it's temporary and it can be an adventure and it can be fun!!

    As always, in my prayers....

  2. What?? Alaska?? I am stunned. I will miss you even though I never see you. At least we can continue being bloggy/fb friends. We were in AK this summer and absolutely loved it. Of course, it was summer. The winters are another story, but they do fun things like sled dog racing to pass the time. I think you all will like it. The scenery is incredible and inspirational, and it wil be a new adventure. The springtime with it's huge flower baskets hanging everywhere will amaze you, as well as the glaciers, and rivers, and abundant wildlife. Check my blog to see our travelogue. They have earthquakes there too!