Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yarn Along- Stashbuster Edition

Does anyone else have a basket full of leftover yarn? Every so often, I get the urge to purge our house of clutter. Now is one of those times and all those balls of yarn? Yep. They are on my list.

I found this quick and easy pattern for a market bag on Ravelry. I may keep it or it may be given away if I am still in the purging mode when I am finished knitting. Either way, I like it.

I took Ginny's advice and started a Willa Cather novel. Each night, after I read to Jack and Anna, I sit in their room while they fall asleep. I bring in my book and read a chapter or two, until I hear the soft, rhythmic breaths that let me know my children are peacefully resting. Sometimes I read one more chapter in the soft light coming from their little lamp, enjoying the quiet moment.

Thank you Ginny for recommending this author, and for being such a lovely host!


  1. My Antonia! That's one of my top ten all time favorites!

  2. Hello Jenny,

    I am stopping by from Yarn Along and have enjoyed your site. I read your posts about Ben. The picture you posted shows his marvelous smile.

    I have a son in Heaven also. Steven battled leukemia for two years. He was eight when passed on to be with the Lord in 1989. Yes, our family changed but God has been gracious to us. We have healed but there is still a tender spot in my heart. We look forward to meeting Steven again in Heaven.

  3. "My Antonia" -- loved it. Such a beautifully written and poignant novel. Willa Cather is great.

  4. I can't make market bags work... I really would like to have a couple of them though. Maybe I should try again?

  5. Love, love, love that book!! So wonderful! You might also like Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton. The Professor's House by Willa Cather is wonderful, too.

  6. Cute bag! Thanks for the aubrey doodle pants suggestion. They are super cute! Definitely making some pants/soakers next.