Tuesday, July 5, 2011

From the Trenches

After the one week mark of finding head lice on Anna, we are still deep in battle with these bad bugs. On Sunday, I put our coconut oil treatment on her head and waited the eight hours to comb it out and check her hair. I had hoped that I wouldn't find anything in her hair and life could resume. But when I combed through her hair, I found two more bugs! ARRRGGHHH! I broke down, I will admit it. It was not pretty. It was pathetic. And then, I found a bug on Jack. I broke down all over again. I knew it was coming though...

Sophie had agreed to watch Jack and Anna while Tony and I took an evening walk. Therese was already in bed. All she had to do was read them a bedtime story. Only problem, she put herself to sleep! We came back home and could not find Jack or Anna. We looked in their bedroom, my room, the downstairs, nothing! I was growing panicked, thinking they left the house to look for us. I went through the den again and noticed the closet door was ajar. They were lying there together, sound asleep, with their heads touching!!!

So, I hauled Jack into my bathroom and pulled out the clippers. He is a boy, a soldier's boy, and a buzz cut is what he got. Not that I would do that to Anna, but it sure is a lot easier than combing through her thick hair every day!

The laundry. Oh, the laundry! Every day, all the sheets, all the towels, all the clothes. Not to mention the diapers. It takes me about 90 minutes each day to vacuum the house and furniture each day.

To add to that, the zucchini is coming in. I am so glad for that, but the timing is bad. I made eight pints of zucchini relish this week, we have had zucchini muffins for breakfast, grilled zucchini with our dinner most nights, and tonight? Zucchini lasagna folks! The cucumbers are right behind them, and I am really looking forward to making my grandmother's recipe for pickles.

We all have cabin fever here, but I so scared to leave the house. We did not go see the fireworks, and I knew the kids would be disappointed, yet God helped me out on that one. Thunderstorms in our area forced the cancellation of the fireworks. So it wasn't me that was the bad guy for once this week.

I long for the day that we can officially say this is all over. Till then, here we are, hunkered down in the trenches of bug warfare.

Oh, and by the way, look who decided to start walking before she is 10 months old!!!!


  1. You poor dear. I can't do a thing for you, but you have my prayers!

  2. I've become a bug expert while fostering this last fall and most recently from I think the Y babsitting room. DO NOT DO THE LINENS EVERY DAY OR VACUMMING. Once a week whenever you treat is enough. Also we did the cetaphil cleanser treatment (very effective but our 4 yr old doesn't sit still well for it) google it and we found Nix did nothing and RID works fairly well and is quick. Whatever you use to treat repeat it 3 times at roughly week to 10 days intervals. And if the girls share a bedroom treat them all even if they show no signs of bugs. Blowdrying hair seems to help too. As in when they get their hair normally washed blowdry it. I figure it can't hurt and I am so freaked out over them it's ridiculous.

  3. Sorry I remembered a few more things. Make sure that any dress up clothes (HATS) is put away for 2 weeks at least and all stuffed animals and any extra bedding. We put it all in black garbage bags in my husband's car trunk or our storage unit. That way it's safe but doesn't have to be washed and dried so much.

  4. Oh, look at that sweet baby!!!!! See? Her walking is the light through this darkness!!

    It made me smile that's for sure!

    I am doing the Cetaphil cleanser treatments on my 3 youngest today. That's the one that I told you about that takes soooooooooo loooooooong. I just want to get them for good. I'm hoping this 4th time will be enough.

    I also think your garden is a beacon of light through all this!! I'd love a garden like that!! Busy is better....time will go fast.

    At least it's supposed to. It feels like we've had this forever though.

    We did go to Mass finally on Sunday, it's been 3 full treatments, we should be safe, right?

    The Gospel reading for Sunday is for you and me!!

    I told our priest that I'd broken down a couple times, and he got so excited to tell me about the Gospel for Sunday. I cried and cried when I got home (from Confession)and read it.

    Matthew 11:25-30

    God bless you, you'll make it through this.
    I'm only doing the cleaning thing now weekly.
    But during those 3 treatment time, 2 full weeks, I did it.

  5. Aww...I feel so bad for you! What a headache! I wish I could help you. =(