Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A few nights ago, Tony was grilling our dinner, when a storm blew up rather quickly. All day, the air had been oppressive and weighed you down like a heavy burden. The storm rolled in on cool bursts of wind that swirled the tree branches mightily. I opened the back door to listen to the storm, with it's brilliant lightning and thunder like cannons. And when the storm had passed, the air was crisp and new and light.

I feel just like that: renewed.

The coming storm

Orange Cinnamon Loaves
Sophie requested these for her birthday
recipe coming soon!

We returned to Busch Gardens yesterday, with a stern lecture about NOT trying on hats this time around! I don't want to bring home more uninvited guests.

It's best to capture Jack on film candidly. I'm thinking I should have cropped this one!

Oh, how she loved the little fountains of water coming out of the ground! She squealed with delight and tried to catch the water in her sweet little hands.

All I can say is...I am glad it is not me on this ride! They even went a second time and it would be hard to say who had the better time, Tony or Jack.

She talked her dad into playing the whack-a-mole game with her, and look what they won!

We all had a great time just being together. Too soon, she'll be headed back to Steubenville.

Here is Olivia, reluctantly agreeing to take Anna on the "Roman Rapids". It was no longer hot, and you have high odds of getting drenched on this ride.

See, I had a very good excuse why I couldn't go on the ride!

Back for more dizzying fun on the teacups!

Soaked, but still smiling! Thank you for making your little sister so happy!


  1. I'm happy you guys had fun. Those are all great pictures of the kids. They sure look happy. (so did you) :-)

  2. Made the pumpkin dump cake last night! Two thumbs up from the whole family!!

  3. Great day! Glad you got a break from routine, and that you are all having fun together. Therese looks like she is delighted with her new discovery. Every one is smiling!

    I am still having trouble commenting on your blog (and a couple others) so am experimenting with different ways to do it. Hope I succeed.

  4. You were brave to ride the big coaster (and so were your little ones!). I don't blame you for not riding the wet ride and the round and round ride. Ugh!

    You have such a nice family!