Friday, July 22, 2011

Seven Quick Takes


One man's logic: If I can get a free bag of M&M's at the gas station when I buy at least 8 gallons of gas, then I should only buy 8 gallons of gas at a time, thereby maximizing my free M&M intake.

It logically answered my question as to why my husband was only partially filling the gas tank in my van for the last couple of weeks. Oh, and I do appreciate that he does this for me!


Nature is brutal, but amazing. While driving to swim lessons with the kids, we were stopped at a traffic light on the water's edge. We saw a bird dive down to the water's surface, skim the water with its feet, and as it flew upwards, we saw that it had caught a fish in its talons! That fish was struggling mightily and the bird was fighting to stay aloft. The bird was the victor in that battle of nature, and we drove on to the pool in awe of what we witnessed.


My daughter just called to let me know she made it to work. This was her maiden voyage as a licensed driver with no one else in the car. How do other parents do this? I was on pins and needles, not to mention on my knees in prayer, from the moment she left the house till the phone rang.


Sometime between 10 and 1 today, the A/C repairman will show up. How about that for bad timing? As we lay down last night to go to bed, the temperature inside the house was a balmy 89. A good and generous neighbor lent us their window A/C unit. We had a sleepover in our bedroom. I am praying that this will be a quick and inexpensive repair.


Fort Monroe is where my husband has been stationed for the last couple of years. Maybe we are just lazy when we say it, or maybe we are just too southern.

Jack: "Fort Monroe. I almost get it. I mean, it's a fort and there's men, but I just don't get the row part."


It's almost too hot for coffee this morning.


It is too hot to bake zucchini bread today. I'll have to make a change of plans. I have seriously contemplated bringing the kiddy pool inside!

Thanks to Jen, our wonderful host!


  1. Those were fun to read Jenny!

    Yes, save your baking til after that repairman comes!!

    Glad your daughter made it!!! I'm sure it gets easier....right?

  2. It's never too hot for coffee! (especially with those M&Ms you mentioned)

  3. #5!! HA HA HA HA HA! Love it!