Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scuba Diving in Tub Leads to ER Visit

My poor little man. We have all been sick with congestion and coughs, so I thought an afternoon bubble bath would cheer up the little ones. They played happily until the bubbles were gone and the water was probably not so warm anymore. Then Anna asked me to get her goggles so she could see under the water. I brought two pair, knowing Jack would want to look underwater too.
As you can see it was great fun until...Jack pulled the goggles away from his face and they snapped back before he shut his eyes. At the ER, they told us he has a corneal abrasion. Very painful, but heals quickly. Not quickly enough for Jack though. He is not suffering in silence!

Do not try this at home. Ever.


  1. oh my...oh no. ERs are great places when it's not one of our own precious children going there. So sorry. Hoping for a quick recovery for little Jack.

  2. With boys, it's always something!! I can't tell you the number of ER visits we've had involving something that seemed harmless enough!! don't beat yourself up about it - praying that he heals quickly!