Monday, January 24, 2011

I need a shower

A shower of graces, that is.

I feel like God's graces shower down on me during Mass. They cleanse me spiritually. I leave feeling renewed. Slowly, during the week, the dirt of the world starts building up. It is only Monday and I already need another shower!

I used to go to daily Mass twice a week. It was easy then. The chapel on post was a 5 minute drive. Mass was at noon, so Tony could meet us there. It did not interrupt our day. It fit in quite nicely. And I felt closer to God than I ever had.

It is not so easy now. Mass is very early in the morning. It is not a good time for us. On Fridays though, Mass is at noon. On the post where Tony works. Last year, we went most Fridays. But our homeschool co-op moved from Monday to Friday this year and I have not been to daily Mass since Therese was born. I miss it. I need it. I need that shower of graces.

Today was not a good day. I was not a good person today. I yelled. A lot.* I am not proud. But hitting bottom made me want to change things around here. My goal is to find a daily Mass that will fit nicely in our day again.

*Why do 4 year old boys do things like hammering objects into the hose of a brand new vacuum cleaner? Why?


  1. Yes, we need a never-ending flow of grace and mercy. Thankfully we have a great big, forgiving God. Let me pass some on. You are forgiven for yelling. Amen.

  2. I must be worse shape spiritually than you are for sure -- because yelling seems to me like the reasonable reaction to having things hammered into one's vacuum hose! ;)

  3. Suzanne- I wish that was the only time I yelled that day! I yelled at everyone, not just the curious 4 year old.