Friday, June 25, 2010

Seven Quick Takes- Summer Days

28 weeks and 5 days

One of my childhood memories involves my mother's famous line: It's a beautiful day outside. Go do something constructive. I am not sure how constructive it was, but we frequently found buckets and made a "stew" out of water, dirt, leaves, sticks, rocks and whatever else we deemed worthy to go in the pot. I looked out the window yesterday to see Jack and Anna doing the same thing. See the seed spreader in the background? They filled it with water from the pool and squeezed the handle and pushed. Water sprayed out to the delight of my kids.

One of my favorite things: the sound of the wooden screen door on my grandmother's house that leads to the basement. Not only the squeak of the old hinges as it is being opened but also the sound as it slams shut against the house.
Another favorite thing: the smell of the original Dove Beauty Bar. It brings me back to my grandmother's house once again, sitting in the cast iron tub after a long day's adventures on their small farm.
This is one of the best tracks we have ever constructed. Doesn't it look fun?

Today I found a trail-a-bike on Craigslist for a fraction of the original cost. Tomorrow morning will be the maiden voyage through the neighborhood!
I hope I have captured our love of all things summer. Enjoy the weekend. Go visit Jen's blog to see more quick takes.

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  1. What a lovely post! Thanks for commenting over at my blog From the Heart. I find it interesting that we both have our own Gus in heaven AND we are expecting in September! I hope your pregnancy is going well. I really like your blog and planning on visiting again soon- after the craziness of moving is over! God bless!