Sunday, June 13, 2010

Say What?

Two funny stories:

Today for lunch, Tony offered to make chicken salad. We have 2 kinds of relish in the fridge. One is the store bought yucky kind. The other is the delicious homemade kind. He reached for the store bought variety, so I stated: Oh dear, he is going to defile it.
Anna immediately jumps up and says: I'll do it!
Confused, I asked: Do what?
Her response: feed Violet!

Go ahead, say it out loud! Defile it, feed Violet.

Thursday morning, Jack and Anna came to Tony and I in the kitchen, one holding the dustpan and the other holding the brush for said dustpan. Trimphantly they shouted: Look what we found in your bathroom!!
Tony inquired: What were you doing in our bathroom?
Jack answered him, but we could tell he thought the answer was obvious.
"We were founding the dustpan."

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  1. I like kids' scrambled interpretations and words too. I miss those days with my grandkids, now that they are all so big! Speaking of bathrooms, how's yours coming? Post please.